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How to prepare for a job interview?

Why it is important to attend job interviews

By: Lic. Anadelka Castellanos

When you stop to attend an interview, you may be missing the opportunity of your life.

It is good to attend, nothing is lost, on the contrary you learn more and it serves as practice for other interviews. Sometimes some people make the mistake of not attending because of malicious comments from other people about the company that contacted them, and usually they later regret it.

Never stop attending a job interview, unless it is something out of the ordinary, (and in that case give the justification) because then it may take a long time for you to be called again from another place.



The image you project in a job interview gives an idea of ​​how you are as an employee.

It is necessary to attend dresses correctly, no extravagances. Women must be dressed in a tailored suit in neutral colors (navy blue, black, gray, brown), neither too high nor too short, closed shoes. Nails in classic colors and without hairpieces. The hair arranged and of a classic color (not red, nor with blue, orange sparkles, etc) Soft makeup. Men, long sleeved, plain shirts in pastel or neutral colors, clean shoes with socks. Hair styled normal style.


Presentation / Dress

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Some Tips to get a job

By: Lic. Anadelka Castellanos


Never stop attending a job interview after it is scheduled. The people who do that are inconsiderate people, they leave a lot to say as professionals. The right thing to do is to call the person (company) in advance, ask for excuses and give thanks for being taken into account.

RHCA does not take into account people who do not attend job interviews, without giving a prior excuse, it is a very shameful offense to leave an interested company waiting.


* Punctuality:

Attend the interview 5 minutes before, no more, no less.


* Presentation:

Dress formally in neutral colors (navy blue, black, gray) Tailored suits for the ladies and long-sleeved shirts and dress pants for the men. The personal image says more than thousands of words.


* Body language:

Take care of inappropriate gestures and maintain a positive and triumphant attitude.

This image shows a person

uninterested, and boring.



Tips for keeping your job

By: Lic. Anadelka Castellanos

Study the history of the company that hired you.

  • Its founders. Its main activity. The processes to carry out said activity.

  • The clients.

  • The suppliers.

  • Get to know your coworkers. Learn everyone's names and their jobs in the company.

  • Study the regulations and rules of the company on a daily basis.

  • Write down in a notebook all the training explanations for your new position and always study it.

  • Any questions clarify it as soon as possible and do not forget to take note.

  • Do not make calls to cell phones with the company's telephones, at the end of the month the number of the call will be reflected in the telephone bill.

  • Do not use social networks in your work hours. In no company they allow it, because the company is paying for you to perform a function not for you to socialize on the networks.

  • Go to work on time and do not be absent unless it is something of life or death. Remember the first three months are trial, any fault you commit may for that reason not set you as an employee.


On the cell phone ..

By: Lic. Anadelka Castellanos

Porqué no se debe utilizar el celular en horas de trabajo?

October 10, 2016

Imagínate que tienes un empleado en tu casa, al cual le pagas por sus honorarios de trabajo, pero éste en vez de hacer el trabajo que le ordenaste se pone a chatear o hacer llamadas.

Qué pensarías de él?

Seguirías con él?

Es exactamente lo mismo en una empresa. No se debe. Los celulares y el uso en las redes sociales solo se permiten en horario de desacanso, porque? por la razón, de que se atrasan las actividades laborales y por ende, se disgustan los clientes....

Porqué? es necesario estudiar el entrenamiento..

October 10, 2016

Por lo general, cuando una persona ingresa a una empresa, se olvida que lo más importante es tomar nota de todo lo que le están explicando, porque luego de que termine el entrenamiento se verá reflejado en su trabajo si captó o no lo que le explicaron en su momento. Tomar nota no cuesta nada, solo te ahorrarás inconvenientes y errores desafortunados en un futuro. Anota y estudia todos los días hasta que te sientas seguro. Se te hará más fácil la adaptación a tu nuevo empleo, y todos pensarán que eres una persona inteligente y de rápido aprendizaje..

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